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6th Kenya Devolution Conference 2019

6th Kenya Devolution Conference 2019

4TH – 8TH MARCH 2019

MSP participated in the 6th Kenya Devolution Conference which had a Theme: Deliver.Transform.Measure. ‘Remaining Accountable’.

Key conference Objectives:

  • To provide a forum for collaboration, cooperation and consultation in all matters related to devolution.
  • To share experiences, challenges and lessons learnt.
  • To celebrate the successes of devolution.
  • To provide a platform for participants to identify opportunities for partnership.

Discussion outcomes:

Health sector

  • National Government to fast track enactment of proposed health benefit package HBP for sustainable financing for delivery of universal health coverage.
  • County governments to apply technology for efficient equitable, quality and sustainable HRH with support from National government and other key stakeholders.
  • County governments encouraged to use existing data and county experiences for disease prevention and strategic plan development.
  • County Governments in the next budget cycle, prioritize responsive interventions towards adolescent and teenage health needs and gender-based violence

Other conference discussion outcomes:

  • The National Government and County Governments shall within one year, develop a policy and legal framework for harmonization of revenue collection by both levels of government.
  • The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) shall enhance their collaboration with both levels of government to produce data and statistics and Parliament shall, in six months, fast track the consideration and passing of the County Statistics Bill.
  • Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices shall ensure provisions on prudent financial management procedures are enforced.
  •  The Penal Code and the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, among other laws in the next one year be amended in order to strengthen enforcement of laws and enhance collaboration and coordination of all agencies in the war against corruption.
  • All State officers and public officers that are charged in court in corruption scandals to step aside. Investigative institutions to strictly follow the law in the execution of their mandate.
  • Ministry of Devolution and ASAL (MoDA) and the National Government Development Coordination Committee (NGDCC) to develop a policy and institutional framework to facilitate coordination between both levels of government in the implementation of the Big Four Agenda.
  • Annually, both levels of government to publish and publicize the implementation scorecard of the Big Four Agenda initiatives, including information on public finance management.
  • Since the Big Four Agenda focuses on four devolved functions, the National Government shall, in the next budget cycle, allocate resources to facilitate County Governments’ support for the implementation of the Big Four Agenda.
  • Both levels of government in the next one year, make a substantial investment in the cottage and agro-processing industries to create employment and wealth generation for women, youth, people living with disabilities, and marginalized groups.
  • Both levels of government shall invest in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) to strategize, implement and evaluate the Big Four Agenda.
  • Both levels of government in the next six months operationalize the existing Performance Management Framework.
  •  Article 203 (3), providing that audited accounts be approved by National Assembly shall, in not more than one year, be amended to ensure timely approval of audited accounts. For the other constitutional reforms, devolution shall take centre stage.
  • Political leaders to ensure that the discourse of constitutional reform will be all-inclusive.
  • County Governments shall, in the next one year, establish County Service Delivery Units to monitor development projects.
  • Both levels of government in the next one year develop a policy to guide water resource sharing across Counties and increase investment in water infrastructure.
  • Both levels of Government in the next three years convene a water congress for all stakeholders to discuss responsibilities for each level of government and concurrent functions.
  • Both levels of government shall, in the next one year, develop a Kenya Industrial Policy to support establishment of cottage industries. 
  • Both levels of government in the next one year develop strategies to reduce the cost of doing business in Kenya. 
  • Levels of government moving forward, partner with research, academic and private sector institutions to provide practical solutions for service delivery.
  • Both levels of government and private sector moving forward, create land banks, mobilize privately owned land and provide critical infrastructure in order to unlock the land potential for affordable housing and revenue generation.
  • All County Governments in the next one year enact Civic Education Laws and establish Civic Education Units in compliance with the County Governments Act.

Fast-track the finalization of the policy and legal framework in the next one year on the County Regional Economic Blocs policy.